Jordan Ellenberg

My field is arithmetic algebraic geometry: my specific interests include rational points on varieties, enumeration of number fields and other arithmetic objects, incidence problems and algebraic methods in combinatorial geometry, Galois representations attached to varieties and their fundamental groups, representation stability and FI-modules, the geometry of large data sets, non-abelian Iwasawa theory, pro-p group theory, automorphic forms, stable cohomology of moduli spaces, the complex of curves, Hilbert-Blumenthal abelian varieties, Q-curves, Serre's conjecture, the ABC conjecture, and Diophantine problems related to all of the above.


"On large subsets of F_q^n with no three-term arithmetic progression," with D. Gijswijt.

“Averages of l-torsion in class groups of number fields,” with L. Pierce and M. M. Wood.

“Algebraic structures on cohomology of configuration spaces of manifolds with flows,” with J. Wiltshire-Gordon,

“Homology of FI-modules,” with T. Church.

“Detection of planted solutions for flat satisfiability problems,” with Q. Berthet.

“Furstenberg sets and Furstenberg schemes over finite fields,” with D. Erman,

Harvard University
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Research Interests: 
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
Jordan Ellenberg

Fall 2016:  I am writing a joint paper with my student Daniel Hast, partially supported by RTG funding, on non-abelian Chabauty for hyperelliptic curves over Q.

Summer 2016:  Two of my students are graduating who have received RTG funding:

  • Lalit Jain
  • Daniel Ross

There is also a paper forthcoming by Jain and myself, in the area of applied algebra:

"Convergence rates for non-metric multidimensional scaling”

which Jain worked on while drawing RTG funding.