Dima Arinkin Dima Arinkin
Research Interests: Geometric Langlands Program, Derived Categories of Sheaves, and Moduli of Vector Bundles


Most of my research is motivated by the geometric Langlands conjecture. I believe that my results are valuable by themselves, but the Langlands philosophy provides a unifying point of view on my work. Currently, I am working on the following two projects. The first project concerns a new formulation of the categorical Langlands conjecture, which removes the contradictions that plague the ‘naive’ statement. The formulation requires new...

Eric Bach Eric Bach
Research Interests: Theoretical computer science, computational number theory, algebraic algorithms, complexity theory, cryptography, six-string automata


I am interested in how one uses computers to efficiently solve algebraic and number-theoretic problems (example: how does one tell if a 100-digit number is prime without examining all possible factors?). These problems have intrinsic mathematical interest, as well as applications to random number generation, codes for reliable and secure information transmission, computer algebra, and other areas. I am also interested in applying probability...

Nigel Boston Nigel Boston
Research Interests: Algebraic Number Theory, Computational Algebra, Arithmetic Geometry, Applied Algebra


My research concerns pure and applied algebra. In pure algebra I work on finite and profinite group theory, algebraic number theory (especially Galois representations and pro-p extensions), computational algebra, and arithmetic geometry. In applied algebra I work on applications of algebra to electrical engineering and computer science, including classical ones such as coding theory, information theory, and cryptography and more novel ones...

Andrei Caldararu Andrei Caldararu
Research Interests: Algebraic geometry, homological algebra, string theory

Tullia Dymarz
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Geometric group theory, Quasiconformal analysis
Working with:


My research interests include geometric group theory, quasi-isometric rigidity, large scale geometry of finitely generated groups, solvable groups and quasiconformal analysis.


Jordan Ellenberg Jordan Ellenberg
Research Interests: Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry


My field is arithmetic algebraic geometry: my specific interests include rational points on varieties, enumeration of number fields and other arithmetic objects, incidence problems and algebraic methods in combinatorial geometry, Galois representations attached to varieties and their fundamental groups, representation stability and FI-modules, the geometry of large data sets, non-abelian Iwasawa theory, pro-p group...

Daniel Erman Daniel Erman
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Commutative Algebra, Applications of syzygies to Algebraic Geometry


I am interested in the study of syzygies and in the use of free complexes in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Recently, I have become particularly interested in the study of syzygies under various asymptotic constructions, and in the study of algebraic geometry over finite fields.


Shamgar Gurevich Shamgar Gurevich
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Representation Theory


My research is concentrated around applications of group representations.

Simon Marshall Simon Marshall
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Discontinuous Groups and Automorphic Forms, Spectral Theory and Eigenvalue Problems for PDOs


My research interests are in the areas of number theory and harmonic analysis. More specifically, I am interested in arithmetic manifolds, which are Riemannian manifolds with large amounts of symmetry that play a central role in number theory. I am primarily interested in the cohomology of these manifolds, and the asymptotic behaviour of their Laplace eigenfunctions. The questions I think about are connected to topics such as the quantum...

Melanie Matchett Wood Melanie Matchett Wood
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry


The main focus of my research is in number theory and algebraic geometry, but it also involves work in probability, additive combinatorics, and algebraic topology. My PhD work found new explicit descriptions of moduli spaces for algebras and modules for those algebras. In number theory, these descriptions are useful for parametrizing orders in number fields and ideal classes of those orders. In algebraic geometry, the work can be viewed as...

Laurentiu Maxim Laurentiu Maxim
Research Interests: Singularity Theory: hypersurface singularities, intersection homology, perverse sheaves and applications, characteristic classes of singular varieties.

Steven Sam Steven Sam
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Commutative Algebra, Combinatorics
Working with:


My work is in the interface between commutative algebra, representation theory, and combinatorics. Recently, I have been interested in syzygies of algebraic varieties and asymptotic behavior of structure coefficients arising in combinatorial representation theory.


Publications:  http://www.math.wisc.edu/~svs/writings/

Tonghai Yang


My main research interest is in number theory, in particular the interaction between arithmetic geometry, number theory, and representation theory on Shimura varieties.