TAs and LTTAs assignments

The Mathematics Department at UW-Madison has a program of Teaching Assistantships whereby graduate students play a major role in the teaching of undergraduate mathematics courses. The Department expects TAs to be good teachers, to value good teaching, and to care about their students.

Teaching Opportunities in the Mathematics Department

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs) are garduate students in the Department of Mathematics.
  • Graders require advanced knowledge of Mathematics since the positions are typically for advanced Mathematics courses.

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Spring 2014 TA assignments (UW NetID required. DO NOT  "request access," instead consult the two links above if needed, or watch the SIGNING OUT of gmail video (you may need to resize your window to view the entire video screen)).

  • April 7, 2014: COMING SOON: request for your FALL 2014 schedule and preferences. DON"T MISS IT!

  • April 23, 2014: Our graduate coordinator emailed you a link to submit your TA assignment preferences for Fall 2014. Your schedules will be downloaded from UW course registration system.

LTTAs: (Limited Term Teaching Assistants)

LTTA hiring for FALL 2014 will begin on the 2nd week of August 2014.  Information on how to apply will be posted on this page. We expect over 200 applicants for about 30 LTTA positions

  • Current UW Madison Graduate students only

  • Positions are for a variety of courses on pre-calculus (algebra, trigonometry), Calculus, Differential equations, Linear Algebra and therefore require evidence of college-level qualifications in those areas of Mathematics, at least
  • LTTAs who have successfully worked for the UW Math Dept before will have priority 

  • UW-Madison SPEAK TEST is required for non-native English speakers (ask YOUR home dept to sign you up for the test) 

  • TA/LTTA training will take place the week of August 25 to 29, 2014. 

This is a very fluid process up until the 1st day of classes, unfortunately, as undergraduate students register for (or drop out of) TA sections and as research funding (or other TA positions) for graduate students materializes or evaporates in late August. 

  • We rehired 40% of our Fall 2013 LTTAs for SPRING 2014. LTTA assignments began Jan 8, 2014. 

GRADERS: A few grading positions will be available, typically on the 2nd week of classes once enrollments have stabilized. These grading positions are paid an hourly wage and require submitting time sheets. Most  grader positions require advanced knowledge of Mathematics since they are typically for advanced Mathematics courses. 

NOTE: Make sure that you are qualified for the position before applying. Consult the course description and be ready to provide evidence that you are qualified to grade for the particular course. Most of these positions are for advanced mathematics courses (junior, senior or graduate level for math majors) that require mathematical education significantly beyond that of a typical undergraduate engineering degree.

Available grader positions (1/9/2014):

  1. No positions posted yet


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