Calculus Credit By Examination

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The Mathematics department offers exams to students who want to earn credit for Math 221 or/and Math 222.

These exams are intended primarily for freshmen who have taken substantial calculus courses in high school, or for transfer students who did not get transfer credits for a calculus course taken at another institution, and who desire to establish college credits for Math 221 or/and Math 222.

Students who have been, or will be granted calculus advanced placement credit by other means do not need to take these exams.

Students may not take an exam more than once

Upcoming exams

The next exam will be offered Wednesday, September 2 at 7:00PM. Most likely a fee of $135 per exam  will have to be paid in advance. This website will be updated after final approval of the fee.

  • Date/Time: Wednesday September 2,  7:00PM
    (Up to 2 hours are allowed to complete each exam)
  • Room: TBA
  • Registration: Students must register in order to take the exam. The registration deadline is TBA. To register visit the registration page.
  • Identification: Students must present their University Photo ID at the time of the exam.
  • More information: Diane Rivard, Math Placement Adviser, (, 262-2882, 720 Van Vleck.
The use of calculators is not permitted on the exams

Before the exam

Students who plan to take the exam will already have studied all the topics that may appear on the exam. The following resources may help in reviewing before the exam:

After the exam

  • Passing Scores: A student needs to get at least 75% on the exam to get credit for the course.
  • Exam Results: Results will be sent to the student’s official address.