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Last NameFirst NameOfficePhone E-mailTitle
Ahern Patrick 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 ahern@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Askey Richard 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 askey@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Bauman Steven 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 bauman@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Benkart Georgia 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 benkart@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Bleicher Michael 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 bleicher@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Brauer Fred brauer@math.ubc.ca Prof Emer
Brualdi Richard 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 brualdi@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Certain Melinda 213 Van Vleck 263-3054 mcertain@math.wisc.edu Fac Assoc Emer
Chover Josh 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 chover@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Churchwell Dororthy churchwe@math.wisc.edu Tutorial Program
Crowe Donald 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 crowe@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer
de Boor Carl CS7379 CompSci 263-7308 deboor@cs.wisc.edu Prof. Emer
Frana Dee frana@math.wisc.edu Support Staff
Griffeath David 425 Van Vleck 263-3624 griffeat@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Hellerstein Simon 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 hellerst@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Isaacs I. Martin 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 isaacs@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Keisler Jerry 303 Van Vleck 263-4753 keisler@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Kuelbs Jim 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 kuelbs@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Kunen Kenneth 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 kunen@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Kurtz Tom 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 kurtz@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
McMillan D Russell,Jr. 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 dmcmilla@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Millar Terry 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 millar@math.wisc.edu Prof. Emer.
Miller Arnold 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 miller@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Nagel Alexander 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 nagel@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Nagel Yvonne 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 ynagel@math.wisc.edu Sr IPC Emer
Nemo Norbert nemo@math.wisc.edu
Ney Peter 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 ney@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Novara Gen novara@math.wisc.edu Support Staff
Orlik Peter 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 orlik@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Osborn J. Marshall 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 osborn@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Parter Seymour 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 parter@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Passman Donald 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 passman@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Rabinowitz Paul 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 rabinowi@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Rall Louis 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 rall@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Rice Linda rice@math.wisc.edu Support Staff
Rider Claire 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 crider@math.wisc.edu Emer. Tutorial
Rivard Diane TBA Van Vleck rivard@math.wisc.edu Faculty Assoc
Robbin Joel 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 robbin@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Rosay Jean-Pierre jrosay@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Shea Daniel 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 shea@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Slemrod Marshall 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 slemrod@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Smart Rod 406 Bascom 263-7874 smart@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Solomon Louis 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 solomon@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Turner Robert 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 turner@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Uhlenbrock Dietrich 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 uhlenbro@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Voichick Michael 707 Van Vleck 262-3221 voichick@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Wainger Stephen 807 Van Vleck 263-4283 wainger@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer
Wilson Robert 607 Van Vleck 263-7901 wilson@math.wisc.edu Prof Emer