UW Department of Mathematics Administrative Staff

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Last NameFirst NameOfficePhone E-mailTitle
Boyanova Veneta 214R Van Vleck 890-1315 boyanova@math.wisc.edu Travel Coordinator
Brohaugh Kathie 203 Van Vleck 263-8884 kkeyes@math.wisc.edu Grad Coordinator
Castillo Mark 207 Van Vleck 263-6953 castillo@math.wisc.edu Grants/Proposals
Marston Kim 215 Van Vleck 263-6859 kjmarston@math.wisc.edu Payroll Coordinator
Mason Melanie 213 Van Vleck 263-3054 mpmason2@math.wisc.edu Front Desk Student
Mayes Henry 507 Van Vleck 263-4189 henry@math.wisc.edu IT Help Desk
Pattnaik Nibedita 214L Van Vleck 263-3061 npattnaik@math.wisc.edu Timetable Manager
Paulson Sharon 220 Van Vleck 263-3059 paulson@math.wisc.edu Copy Center
Ungur Elena 218 Van Vleck 263-2023 ungur@math.wisc.edu Dept. Administrator