Population Games and Evolutionary Dynamics

April 14, 2014

Speaker: Bill Sandholm (Economics)

Abstract: Population games provide a general model of strategic interactions among large numbers of agents; highway congestion, multilateral externalities, and natural selection are among their many applications.  To model the dynamics of behavior in population games, we introduce revision protocols, which provide explicit stochastic descriptions of how individual agents make decisions.

Game Theory and Economics: Some Classic and Open Problems

March 24th 2014

Speaker: Marzena Rostek (Economics)

Abstract: Game theory studies behavior in strategic situations, that is when agents payoffs depend on behavior of others as well as their own. This talk will give an introduction to how economics and game theory draw on mathematics. We will discuss some classic games and new economic and game theoretic problems, where novel conceptualizations and/or tools are needed

As always, there will be free food.

When: Monday, March 24th 2014, 4:35pm

Some Surprising Issues Relating to Curvature

March 3, 2014

Speaker:  Betsy Stovall

Abstract:  In multivariable calculus, we learn about a few simple, yet fundamental curved surfaces, such as the paraboloid, the sphere, and the cone.  These simple surfaces give rise to some concrete, but very hard (and still unsolved) problems in a field called harmonic analysis.  These problems also have surprising connections to some completely geometric questions about sets in euclidean space.  In this talk, we will give a friendly introduction to some of the questions and ideas in this area.


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