Curve Shortening and Bicycle Tracks; Life as a math major at EPIC

November 4, 2013

Speakers: Sigurd Angenent; Renee Schuppener

Abstract: Dr. Sigurd Angenent will answer three old questions in his talk: Can you tell from a pair of bicycle tracks which is the front track, and which is the rear?  If you know the track of the front tire, can you draw that of the rear tire?  What about the other way around?

Also on Monday, Renee Schuppener will be speaking about life as a math major at Epic Corporation, a leading medical software company that regularly hires math majors.

Non-standard analysis and hyperreal numbers

April 22, 2013

Speaker: Uri Andrews

Abstract Newton and Leibniz invented calculus using infinitesimals: positive numbers smaller than every positive real number. The math-world had come to reject the idea of infinitesimals on the (silly) grounds that no positive real number is smaller than every positive real number. We'll talk about how to fix that pesky problem and use infinitesimals to give a different approach to analysis.
Free Pizza will be served.

When: Monday, April 22, 4:35 p.m.
Where: Room 901 Van Vleck.


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