What Is Fourier Analysis?

Speaker: Patrick LaVictoire

Abstract:  Why do MP3s sound almost, but not quite, like music from vinyl? How do JPEGs shrink the file size without the human eye noticing, and when the file gets too small, why do we get those recognizable blocky artifacts instead of just pixelation or blurring? How did we actually derive the solutions to lots of differential equations, like linear constant-coefficient ordinary differential equations or the heat equation? The answers to all of these questions depend on different forms of what's called Fourier analysis; in this talk, we'll introduce the subject on a practical level and show off some of its most famous applications (with pictures). Anyone who's familiar with calculus and Euler's Rule can follow most of this talk, and even those who've taken some Fourier analysis will learn something new!

Free Pizza will be served.

When: Monday, October 29, 4:35 p.m.
Where: Room 901 Van Vleck.