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Ellenberg Wins Kellett Mid-Career Award

The Kellett awards recognize outstanding faculty seven to twenty years past their first promotion to a tenured position.  Jordan is one of eleven faculty on campus to win this honor this year.

Congratulations Jordan! This is a great addition to your already long list of awards and recognitions, very well deserved!

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Gloria Mari-Beffa Promoted to L&S Associate Dean

Gloria Mari-Beffa, current Chair of the Department of Mathematics, has been selected as Associate Dean for the Natural and Mathematical Sciences in the School of Letters and Science, replacing Dean Eric Wilcots.  Her duties as Chair will be taken over by Associate Chair, Tonghai Yang.  Steffen Lempp will be taking over as Associate Chair.  This is a great honor, and we are thrilled to see Gloria recognized for her committment to the University and the College of L&S.


Gurevich and Howe speak at Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) on breakthrough in theory of small symmetries of spaces

On March 8 2017, Prof. Shamgar Gurevich (UW-Madison) and his collaborator Prof. Roger Howe (Yale and Texas A&M) presented at a seminar talk at IAS - Princeton.  Videos are now available here...

Gurevich Talk:
Howe Talk:

Their recent discovery of a notion of “size” for symmetries of spaces, and their new discovery called “eta correspondence” to describe explicitly “small" symmetries. In their research process, Gurevich and Howe benefit a lot from the work of Prof. John Cannon (Sydney) and Dr. Steve Goldstein (UW-Madison) who produced a lot of numerical data, leading to the discovery of the "eta correspondence”.

Howe Gurevich Canon Goldstein

 Update:  Links to Videos.


Dima Arinkin is named as Vilas Associate

Dima Arinkin has been named as Vilas Associate.  The Vilas Associate program is an internal competition that recognizes new and ongoing research of the highest quality and significance.  And Dima is, of course, the perfect example! 

Steven Sam receives Sloan Fellowship

Steven Sam is having an astonishing year! if you remember he just got awarded a CAREER grant, and the Sloan Foundation just announced he will also receive the Sloan fellowship! Warmest congratulations to him, so very well deserved!


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