The LAA Lecture series

The LAA Lecture is an annual lecture sponsored by Elsevier, publishers of the journal "Linear Algebra and its Applications", two of whose editors-in-chief are Richard A. Brualdi (Professor of Mathematics) and Hans Schneider (Professor Emeritus of Mathematics). The LAA Lecturer normally has some connection to linear algebra, interpreted very broadly (numerical linear algebra, applied linear algebra, core linear algebra, random matrices, algebras (e.g. Lie algebras), representation theory, signal processing, control theory, ...).

 LAA Lecturers
1996 Chandler Davis
1997 Ludwig Elsner
1998 Victor Klee
1999 Gene Golub
2000 Alan Edelman
2001 William Fulton
2002 Thomas Kailath
2003 Peter Sarnak
2004 Craig Tracy
2005 David Donoho
2006 Ron De Vore
2007 Carl D. Meyer
2008 Nick Trefethen
2009 Alan Hoffman
2010 Pauline van den Driessche