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Alumnus Ben Kane Honored with prestigious Young Scholar Award

Ben Kane (Ph.D., 2007, Advisor: Tonghai Yang) has won the prestigious Hong Kong Mathematic Society Young Scholar Award.   He is cited for his fundamental contributions to number theory, especially on the theory of meromorphic modular forms and polar harmonic modular forms. As two of many beautiful applications of his joint work with Kathrin Bringmann, the authors proved a Ramanujan type formula for the Fourier coefficients of any meromorphic modular form of negative weight, and gave an explicit construction of meromorphic modular forms of weight 0 as sums of polar harmonic forms. Ben is at Hong Kong University.  Ben was one of three young mathematicians cited, along with Eric Chung of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Xianpeng Hu of City University of Hong Kong. 

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