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2004 Van Vleck Notes

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Department of Mathematics
Annual Fund Drive

Please accept my contribution in the amount of $ _____________ (enclosed) which is designated for:

UW Foundation Accounts (Department of Mathematics)

[¯] Dept. of Math. General Fund - Serves as the department's general account.
[¯] R. Creighton Buck- awards an Undergraduate Prize for Creativity in Mathematics.
[¯] Wallace J. Hilliard Fund - provides support for the Wisconsin Emerging Scholars Program (WES).
[¯] Elizabeth Hirschfelder Fund-for Graduate Women in Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics.
[¯] Mark Ingraham Math Scholarship Fund - provides a scholarship for a mathematics major above freshman standing.
[¯] David and Janet Kirkbride Scholarship in Mathematics - provides a semester's tuition for an outstanding undergraduate student studying mathematics.
[¯] John Nohel Prize in Mathematics - a prize for the best Ph.D Thesis in applied mathematics.
[¯] Wolfgang Wasow Memorial Lecture Fund-supports a lecture by an eminent mathematician in the Distinguished Lecture series.
[¯] Van Vleck Math Talent Search - provides funds for our annual math talent competition.

For donations to the above funds, please make checks payable to UW Foundation and send them to:

UW Foundation
c/o David Simon
P.O. Box 8860
Madison, WI 53708-8860.

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