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2004 Van Vleck Notes

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Awards to Graduate Students

At the annual student awards ceremony on May 7, 2003, awards were presented to several graduate students. Brent Benesh and Sergio Fratarcangeli were given Teaching Awards for their work as Teaching Assistants.

Bret Benesh and Sergio Fratarcangeli

Sustained Excellence in Teaching Awards
Recognized for Sustained Excellence in Teaching Awards were
Prabhu Ravindran, Adrian Jenkins, and Timothy Boester.

L&S Teaching Fellow

 Adrian Jenkins was chosen as an L&S Teaching Fellow for 2003. This L&S program recognizes Teaching Assistants in the College who have made important contributions to the College's teaching mission and who have a noteworthy teaching record. There were only 15 fellows selected from about 1700 TAs on campus. Adrian was nominated by the department and selected in a college-wide competition. Each L&S Fellow is given a $500 stipend and, during Welcome Week in the fall, organizes a workshop for incoming graduate students on a topic that will help them as teachers. Adrian is working on his dissertation research in complex analysis with Pat Ahern.



Excellence in Mathematical Research Awards

Steve Wainger presents awards to  
Emre Alkan Cheol Hyun Cho Eric Mortenson

Three graduate students were honored with Excellence in Mathematical Research Awards. They are Emre Alkan, Cheol-Hyun Cho, and Eric Mortenson. Emre, now at the University of Illinois, worked with Ken Ono and his thesis was titled "Multiplicative number theory with applications to modular forms and enumeration of groups." Currently at Northwestern University, Cheol-Hyun worked with Yong-Geun Oh with thesis "Holomorphic discs, spin structures and Floer cohomology of the Clifford torus." Eric's thesis was titled "The modularity of a certain Calabi-Yau threefold and supercongruences for truncated hypergeometric series" and Ken Ono was also his advisor; he is now at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn.

John Nohel Prize

Awarded the John Nohel Prize in Applied Mathematics for his dissertation ``An isotropic energy transfer in beta-plane and rotating flows'' was Youngsuk Lee. Youngsuk's advisor was Leslie Smith. He currently holds a post-doctoral position at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

CISCO Fellowship

Jeff Kline received a CISCO fellowship from the CS department, for a second and last year. The fellowship is not related to his research topic (new representation of NMR data), but rather to his involvement in an interdisciplinary project concerning the analysis of Internet traffic measurements. Jeff is a student of Amos Ron.

Hirschfelder Fund Scholarship to Three Graduate Women

Emilie Wiesner, Jue Wang, Jaclyn Anderson, Melinda Certain

The recipients of this year's Elizabeth S. Hirschfelder Award are Jaclyn Anderson, Jue Wang, and Emilie Wiesner.

  Jackie is a 2000 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is working with Ken Ono on problems in partition theory from the perspectives of both number theory and combinatorics. The first result of her thesis has been submitted for publication in a paper entitled ``On the Existence of Rook Equivalent t-cores''.

  Emilie graduated from Washington and Lee University in 2000. She is working with Arun Ram in representation theory.

 Jue graduated from Peking University, China in 2001. She is working with Fabian Waleffe on the traveling wave solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible flow.

NSF Graduate Fellows this year are Karl Mahlburg and Kathryn Temple. UW-Madison Graduate School Fellow is Jaime Pina. New graduate students who were awarded VIGRE fellowships are Sharon Chuba, David Dueber, Anders Hendrickson, and Jeremy Rouse.

On a Mexican Fellowship is Enrique Torres-Giese; on a Thai Fellowship is Keng Wiboonton. Air Force Institute of Technology Fellow is Kyle Novak.

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