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2004 Van Vleck Notes

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New Graduate Students in Fall 2003

Thirty-one new students began graduate study in Mathematics at UW-Madison this past fall. They came from many different institutions and six different countries. Their names and undergraduate institutions are listed below.

AKERS, Benjamin Pennsylvania State University
BAE, Myoungjean Yonsei University
CASPER, Theron University of Utah
CHUBA, Sharon Pennsylvania State University
DUEBER, David University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign
ENGLISH, Jared University of Maryland-College Park
GODJALI, Ali UC-Berkeley/San Francisco State University
GODSHALL, Jonathan Duke University
HAIN, Seth University of Nebraska-Lincoln
HE, Biyu Xi'an Jiaotong University/Cambridge University
HENDRICKSON, Anders St. Olaf College/University of Michigan/St. Paul Seminary
HILGENBERG, Dennis Purdue University
HOLZER, Jesse Carleton College
HORN, Paul Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
HUNTER, James Amherst College
JOHNSON, Evan St. Olaf College
JOHNSON, Paul University of Illinois-Chicago
KUMAR, Rohini Bangalore University
LAZA, Nicolae Gettysburg College
NEELY, John Carleton College
NOVAK, Kyle UW-Madison
POSADA, Jaime Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia)
RAULT, Patrick College of William & Mary
ROUSE, Jeremy Harvey Mudd College
SHI, Yingzhe Tsinghua University
TANG, Yudong Beijing University
TORRES GIESE, Enrique Inst. Politecnico Nacional (Mexico)
WANG, Bing University of Science and Technology of China
WU, Longqing Academia Sinica/Peking University
ZHU, Keya Zhejian University
ZUHR, Kathryn Mt. Holyoke College

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