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2004 Van Vleck Notes

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New Academic Staff

Wojciech Wieczorek has been appointed as an Assistant Faculty Associate with title Assistant Undergraduate Advisor. His responsibilities, beyond classroom teaching, include certain critical undergraduate needs: assisting with and developing innovative undergraduate programs, advising (honors) undergraduates, overseeing our MathLab, and collecting and analyzing data relevant to short- and long-range planning. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Wieczorek was a Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor.

Wojciech received the PhD from Michigan State University in 1995, His thesis, written under the direction of Ronald Fintushel, was concerned with universal relations satisfied by Donaldson invariants of 4-manifolds containing essentially embedded 2-spheres. Wojciech's current research focuses mainly on studying the structure of Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants of smooth low dimensional invariants.

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