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Seminar or Meeting Day Time Place Organizer
Algebraic Geometry F 2:25pm B113VV Andrei Caldararu
AMS Chapter Seminar W 3:00pm 911 VV Daniel Hast
Analysis T 4pm B139VV Andreas Seeger

Applied Algebra

R 11am 901VV

Nigel Boston, Zac Charles & Rachel Zachariah

Applied & Computational Math F 2:25pm 901VV Jean-Luc Thiffeault & Saverio Spagnolie
Colloquium F 4pm B239 Mikhail Feldman & Brian Street
Combinatorics M 2:25pm 901VV Paul Terwilliger
Department Meetings Th 3:30pm 911 Lounge Chair
Geometry & Topology F 1:20pm 901VV Lu Wang & Alexandra Kjuchukova
Graduate Algebraic Geometry  W 4:00pm B139VV Ed Dewey, DJ Bruce
Graduate Analysis W 4:00pm B135VV Serguei Denissov, Andreas Seeger
Graduate Logic Seminar  Th 3:30pm B231VV Uri Andrews, Joe Miller
GPS Number Theory T 2:30pm B321VV Brandon Alberts, Megan Maguire, Ryan Julian

Graduate /Postdoc Topology & Singularities Seminar

F 11:00am 901VV Eva El Duque, Chris Geske
Lie Theory Seminar M 1:20pm 901VV Paul Terwilliger
Logic T 4:00pm 901VV Uri Andrews
Math Club M 4:35pm 901VV

Jeff Viaclovsky, Alex Hanhart & Dima Arinkin

Math Circles M 6:00pm 3255HCW Daniel Erman
Number Theory & Representation Theory Th 2:30pm B321 VV Bobby Grizzard
PDE & Geometric Analysis M 3:30pm 901VV Chanwoo Kim,  Hung Tran
Physical Applied Math R 4:00pm 901 VV Jean-Luc Thiffeault & Saverio Spagnolie
Probability Th 2:25pm 901VV Benedek Valkó
SIAM Student Seminar F 1:00pm TBD Jim Brunner and Di Fang
SILO W 12:30 pm WID, 3rd floor Rob Nowak
Statistics W 4:00pm 331 SMI  
Women in Math at Wisconsin varies      
Wisconsin Mentorship Program for Women in Mathematics and Science W 6:00pm 911 VV Tullia Dymarz

These are the standard times and places. These websites will also show talks given at non-standard times and places. Special lectures and talks will appear on the Math Departments homepage.

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