honors day 2011

Each school year, the Talent Search creates five sets of five problems each and distributes them to high school and middle school students in the state of Wisconsin and throughout the world. These problems are unusual, challenging, and we hope, enjoyable. They are not easy, but their solutions do not require advanced mathematical knowledge--just hard work and creativity.  Students can work on the problems at their own pace and send in their solutions to be graded.  Top participants are invited to Madison for an Honors Day in the spring and to participate in an exam for the Van Vleck scholarship to UW-Madison.

Talent Search Celebrates 50 Years

2015 Winner:  Minh Nhat Tran



Click here to read the Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics article written by Melanie Matchett Wood on this program and the impact it has have throughout the years.

Learn more about what Minh Tran won,
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 The second problem set of the 2015-2016 Talent Search schedule is now available!