Tutorial Program

The Mathematics Tutorial Program offers free tutoring in a cooperative learning environment for students enrolled in

  • Math 95
  • Math 101
  • Math 112
  • Math 113
  • Math 114
  • Math 211
  • Math 221
  • Math 222
  • Math 171/217
  • Math 234

Tutorial Sessions

Tutorial sessions meet twice a week, for 50 minutes at a time. Each session ismade up of (at most) 8 to 10 students, all of whom are taking the same mathematics class.

Along with a tutor, they spend the time working practice problems at the board; the tutor works around the room, talking with each student in turn.

Attendance at tutorial sessions is mandatory to participate in the program.

Office hours

The tutors from the Math Tutorial Program pool their office hour times into two blocks;

  • tutors for  221, 222, and 234 hold office hours in 320 Van Vleck
  • tutors for 95, 101, 112, 113, 114, 211, and 171/217 hold office hours in B207 Van Vleck.

By pooling our office hours, we are able to have as many as 20 or more hours available each week, where students in the tutorial program can drop in, and get individualized attention from one of our tutors.

Our students are strongly urged to work some of our office hours into their weekly schedule; getting into the early habit of coming in and working with us one-on-one makes a big difference in boosting people's performance in their math class!