The Mathematics Certificate





Whether you are majoring in Engineering, Economics, Physical, Biological, Computer or Social sciences you can enhance your career with a strong background in mathematics.

Many students choose to double major in mathematics, but others might not have the time to complete one.

The Mathematics Certificate is a program designed to enhance your knowledge of mathematics and strengthen applications to graduate school and the job market. Having a strong background in Mathematics is viewed increasingly as an asset to students seeking entrance to graduate school in most sciences. It is also highly desirable for many employers.

Compared to a major in Mathematics, the certificate requires fewer courses and offers more flexibility when choosing your courses. In particular, the certificate does not require any 500 level courses or a mastery of proof writing. All undergraduates and special students are eligible for a Mathematics Certificate, except those who major in Mathematics or the AMEP program.


  • Minimum GPA:  the grade point average over all courses that count toward the certificate must be at least 2.0.  
  • Courses taken: A student must complete 25 credits in Mathematics courses.
    • Of the minimum 25 credits of required mathematics course work, at least 12 credits must be from courses numbered above 306.
    • Of the minimum 12 credits of required mathematics course work numbered above 306, at least 3 credits must come from courses numbered above 400 (excluding 425 and 490).
  • Courses in residence: Of the 25 required credits at least 13 must be taken "in residence."
  • Recent credits: At least six of the 25 credits that count toward the certificate must come from courses taken after summer 2008 (when the certificate was first created).
  • Breadth: A number of undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses have significant overlap in course content.  From these groups only one course can count toward the certificate.  Specifically,
    • from the courses math 319 and 320 only one can count towards the certificate
    • from the courses math 320, 340, 341, and 375 only one can count towards the certificate
    • from the courses math 331, 431, and math/stat 309 only one can count towards the certificate

To declare the mathematics certificate students should contact an advisor in the Mathematics Department.