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(Spring 2018)
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| Feb. 2 '''4pm'''
| Feb. 2 '''4pm'''
|[https://scholar.harvard.edu/tfai Thomas Fai] (Harvard)
|[https://scholar.harvard.edu/tfai Thomas Fai] (Harvard)
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absS18#Thomas Fai (Harvard) | TBA]]''
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absS18#Thomas Fai (Harvard) | The Lubricated Immersed Boundary Method]]''
| Spagnolie
| Spagnolie

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Spring 2018

date speaker title host(s)
Feb. 2 4pm Thomas Fai (Harvard) The Lubricated Immersed Boundary Method Spagnolie
Feb. 9 Michael Herty (RWTH-Aachen) Opinion Formation Models and Mean field Games Techniques Jin
Feb. 16
Feb. 23 François Monard (UC Santa Cruz) TBA Li
Wed, Feb. 28 Haizhao Yang (National University of Singapore) TBA Li
Mar. 2 Eric Keaveny (Imperial College London) TBA Spagnolie, Thiffeault
Mar. 9
Mar. 16, 4pm Anne Gelb (Dartmouth) TBA Li
Mar. 23
Mar. 30 Spring break
Wed. Apr. 4 Molei Tao (Georgia Tech) Explicit high-order symplectic integration of nonseparable Hamiltonians: algorithms and long time performance Jin
Apr. 6 William Irvine (U Chicago) TBA Spagnolie
Apr. 13 Boualem Khouider (UVic) TBA Smith, Stechmann
Apr. 20
Apr. 27

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