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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2018

date speaker title host(s)
Sept. 14 Ting Zhou (Northeastern) Nonparaxial near-nondiffracting accelerating optical beams Li
Sept. 21 Daniel Sanz-Alonso (Chicago) Discrete and Continuous Learning in Information and Geophysical Sciences Chen
Sept. 28 Nan Chen (UW-Madison) A simple stochastic model for El Nino with westerly wind bursts and the prediction of super El Nino events Li
Oct. 5 Sulian Thual (Fudan University) A Stochastic Skeleton Model for the Madden-Julian Oscillation and El Nino-Southern Oscillation Chen, Stechmann
Oct. 12 Matthew Thorpe (Cambridge University) Continuum Limits of Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs Chen
Oct. 19 Fei Lu (Johns Hopkins) Data-informed stochastic model reduction for complex dynamical systems Chen
Oct. 26 Matthew Dixon (Illinois Institute of Technoology) "Quantum Equilibrium-Disequilibrium”: Asset Price Dynamics, Symmetry Breaking and Defaults as Dissipative Instantons Jean-Luc
Nov. 2 Karl Rohe (UW-Madison, Statistics) Making Spectral Graph Theory work in practice. Making the practice work in theory host
Nov. 9 Yimin Zhong (UCI) Instability of an inverse problem for the stationary radiative transport near the diffusion limit Li
Nov. 16 Alfredo N Wetzel (UW-Madison) Discontinuous Fronts as Exact Solutions to Precipitating Quasi-Geostrophy Local
Dec. 14 Lukas Einkemmer (University of Tübingen and University of Innsbruck) A low-rank projector-splitting integrator for kinetic plasma simulation: from structure preservation to fluid limits Li

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