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(Spring 2014 Semester)
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|Mar 6
|Mar 6
|Marko Budisic
|Marko Budisic
|Topics from Mohar, B. (1997). [http://www.fmf.uni-lj.si/~mohar/Papers/Montreal.pdf Some applications of Laplace eigenvalues of graphs.] In Graph symmetry (Montreal, PQ, 1996) (Vol. 497, pp. 225–275). ‎
|Spectral graph theory ([http://mbudisic.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/basics-of-spectral-graph-theory/ link to notes and reading list])

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Physical Applied Math Journal Club

Spring 2014 Semester

date speaker title/paper
Jan 30 Peter Mueller Roenby & Aref, On the atmosphere of a moving body, Phys. Fluids (2010)
Feb 13 Will Mitchell Keaveny & Shelley, Applying a second-kind boundary integral equation for surface tractions in Stokes flow, J. Comput. Phys. (2011)
Feb 20 Saverio Stone & Samuel, Propulsion of Microorganisms by Surface Distortions (1996) and Khair & Squires, Active Microrheology... (2010)
Feb 27 Jim Brunner Craciun, Nazarov & Pantea, Persistence and permanence of mass-action and power-law dynamical systems, SIAM J. Appl. Math. (2013)
Mar 6 Marko Budisic Spectral graph theory (link to notes and reading list)
Mar 13 faculty meeting
Mar 20 Spring Break
Mar 27 Tadashi Tokieda TBA
Apr 3 TBA