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(Fall 2018)
(Fall 2018)
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|Oct. 4
|Oct. 4
|Escape rates of random walks on free groups
|[https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjc4v03cwgzeppm/Group_talk_ab___notes.pdf Escape rates of random walks on free groups]
|Oct. 11
|Oct. 11

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Fall 2018

date speaker title
Sep. 6 Jean-Luc Organizational meeting; J-LT speaks on Aldous and Diaconis, Longest increasing subsequences: from patience sorting to the Baik-Deift-Johansson theorem
Sep. 13 Son Rate of convergence for periodic homogenization of convex Hamilton-Jacobi equations in one dimension
Sep. 20 Faculty Meeting
Sep. 27 Gautam Iyer (CMU) Dissipation enhancement by mixing
Oct. 4 Gage Escape rates of random walks on free groups
Oct. 11 Prerna TBA
Oct. 18 Faculty Meeting
Oct. 25 Yu TBA
Nov. 1 Wil TBA
Nov. 8 Tom TBA
Nov. 15 Faculty Meeting
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 29 Chris TBA
Dec. 6 Faculty Meeting
Dec. 13 Faculty Meeting

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