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(Fall 2014)
(Fall 2014)
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|Dec 4
|Dec 4
|Oyku Yurttas
|Oyku Yurttas
|Dynnikov and train track transition matrices of pseudo-Anosov braids
|Dec 11
|Dec 11

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Fall 2014

date speaker title/paper
Sept 11 Saverio Spagnolie Takagi et al., Hydrodynamic capture of microswimmers into sphere-bound orbits, Soft Matter, (2014).
Sept 18 Faculty meeting
Sept 25 Will Mitchell Berman and Mitchell, Sparse line deletion constructions for symmetric 4-configurations, Ars Mathematica Contemporanea, (2015).
Oct 2 Erik Bollt Frobenius-Perron - How to Follow Million Orbits all at Once
Oct 9 Marko Budisic Numeric computation of Lagrangian Coherent Structures (following Karrasch, Farrazmand, Haller )
Oct 16 Roseanna Zia Boltzmann's bridge, Einstein's microscope, and Smoluchowski's ratchet: the simple colloid and fundamental scientific discovery
Oct 23 Faculty meeting
Oct 30 Peter Mueller Bubble column flows (following Liu and Hinrichsen )
Nov 6 Jean-Luc Thiffeault Smoluchowski's formula and the Wiener sausage
Nov 13 Practice talks for DFD Peter, Will, Lei, Colin
Nov 20 Faculty meeting
Nov 27 Gobble gobble
Dec 4 Oyku Yurttas Dynnikov and train track transition matrices of pseudo-Anosov braids
Dec 11

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