Fall 2016

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Seminar Schedule Spring 2016

date speaker title host(s)
January 25 Tianling Jin (HKUST and Caltech) Holder gradient estimates for parabolic homogeneous p-Laplacian equations Zlatos
February 1 Russell Schwab (Michigan State University) Neumann homogenization via integro-differential methods Lin
February 8 Jingrui Cheng (UW Madison) Semi-geostrophic system with variable Coriolis parameter Tran & Kim
February 15 Paul Rabinowitz (UW Madison) On A Double Well Potential System Tran & Kim
February 22 Hong Zhang (Brown) On an elliptic equation arising from composite material Kim
February 29 Aaron Yip (Purdue university) TBD Tran
March 7 Hiroyoshi Mitake (Hiroshima university) Selection problem for fully nonlinear equations Tran
March 15 Nestor Guillen (UMass Amherst) TBA Lin
March 21 (Spring Break)
March 28 Ryan Denlinger (Courant Institute) The propagation of chaos for a rarefied gas of hard spheres in vacuum Lee
April 4
April 11
April 18
April 25 Moon-Jin Kang (UT-Austin) Kim
May 2