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Here is the sign-up for lecture notes for Math 847. If you need to switch a spot, please find someone to trade so as to not leave any spot empty. Everyone will need to eventually sign-up for three days, ideally one from the beginning, one from the middle, and one from the end of class. Feel free to edit this wiki as needed.

Friday September 1 Andrew Bridy

Wednesday September 7 Silas Johnson

Friday September 9 Daniel Ross

Monday September 12 Nathan Clement

Wednesday September 14 Ahmet Kabakulak

Friday September 16 Yongqiang Zhao

Monday September 19 Lalit

Wednesday September 21 Yueke Hu

Friday September 23 David

Monday September 26 Ting-Ting Nan

Wednesday September 28 Peng Yu

Friday September 30 Derek

Monday October 3 Christelle

Wednesday October 5 Mimansa

Friday October 7 Ed

Monday October 10 Huanyu Wen

Wednesday October 12 _____________________________________________________

Friday October 14 _____________________________________________________

Monday October 17 _____________________________________________________

Wednesday October 19 _____________________________________________________

There will be no class Nov 7-11.