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Here is the sign-up for lecture notes for Math 847. If you need to switch a spot, please find someone to trade so as to not leave any spot empty. Everyone will need to eventually sign-up for three days, ideally one from the beginning, one from the middle, and one from the end of class. Feel free to edit this wiki as needed.

Friday September 1 Andrew Bridy

Wednesday September 7 Silas Johnson

Friday September 9 Daniel Ross

Monday September 12 Nathan Clement

Wednesday September 14 Ahmet Kabakulak

Friday September 16 Yongqiang Zhao

Monday September 19 Lalit

Wednesday September 21 Yueke Hu

Friday September 23 _____________

Monday September 26 Ting-Ting Nan

Wednesday September 28 Peng Yu

Friday September 30 Derek

Monday October 3 Christelle

Wednesday October 5 Mimansa

Friday October 7 Ed

Monday October 10 Huanyu Wen

Wednesday October 12 luanlei zhao

Friday October 14 David

Monday October 17 _____________________________________________________

Wednesday October 19 _____________________________________________________

There will be no class Nov 7-11.