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The Mathematics Major offers a variety of Named Options which allow a major to focus on those topics in mathematics which have a strong relationship to a particular other area of study. This page describes those options and highlights topics and courses worthy of special consideration.


1) Be aware that the below describes initial collections of courses and ideas worth considering which fulfill major requirements. Please refer to the guide for all possible courses which can be applied to your named option plan and meet with an advisor in order to decide what plan works best for you.

2) Note that course suggestions do not include prerequisites.

3) Courses offered by departments/schools besides mathematics may have restricted enrollment.


For students interested in mathematics inspired by or used in the fields of Statistics, Data Science, Actuarial Science, Bio-Statistics, and many others.

Students interested in this option should choose coursework focused on linear algebra, probability, statistics, analysis, and computational mathematics.

Linear Algebra: MATH 320, 340, 341, 375, 540

Probability: MATH 309, 431, 531, 535

Statistics: MATH 310

Analysis: MATH 321 and 322, 421, 521

Numerical Methods: MATH 514

Data/Risk/Stat Core: ACT SCI 303 or (STAT 333 and STAT 424) or (STAT 340 and STAT 424)


Mathematics and the natural sciences have had a long and fruitful relationship since the dawn of humanity. This named option may be of interest to any mathematics student with a strong interest in physics, chemistry, biology, and most areas of engineering.

Students interested in this named option should focus on linear algebra, differential equations, geometry, and analysis.

Linear Algebra and Algebra: MATH 320, 340, 341, 375, 540, 541

Differential Equations: MATH 319, 320, 376, 519, 619

Geometry and Topology: MATH 551, 561

Real and Complex Analysis: MATH 321 and 322, 421, 514, 521, 623

Other topics: MATH 531

Core Natural Science: Physics 247/207/201/EMA 201 and Physics 248/208/202