PDE Geometric Analysis seminar

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The seminar will be held in room 901 of Van Vleck Hall on Mondays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm, unless indicated otherwise.

Previous PDE/GA seminars

Tentative schedule for Fall 2016

PDE GA Seminar Schedule Fall 2016

date speaker title host(s)
September 12 Daniel Spirn (U of Minnesota) Dipole Trajectories in Bose-Einstein Condensates Kim
September 19 Donghyun Lee (UW-Madison) The Boltzmann equation with specular boundary condition in convex domains Feldman
September 26 Kevin Zumbrun (Indiana) Kim
October 3 Will Feldman (UChicago ) Lin & Tran
October 10 Ryan Hynd (UPenn) Extremal functions for Morrey’s inequality in convex domains Feldman
October 17 Gung-Min Gie (Louisville) Kim
October 24 Tau Shean Lim (UW Madison) TBA Kim & Tran
October 31 Tarek Elgindi ( Princeton) Propagation of Singularities in Incompressible Fluids Lee & Kim
November 7 Adrian Tudorascu (West Virginia) Feldman
November 14 Alexis Vasseur ( UT-Austin) Feldman
November 21 Minh-Binh Tran (UW Madison ) Quantum Kinetic Problems Hung Tran
November 28 ( )
December 5 Brian Weber (University of Pennsylvania) TBA Bing Wang
December 12 David Kaspar (Brown) Tran}