Printing from your laptop

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Printing From Your Laptop

Printing from your laptop is possible depending on how you are connected to the internet and which operating system you use.

  1. #Printing from a linux laptop

#Printing from a Windows laptop #Printing from a Mac laptop

Printing from a linux laptop

There are two ways to print from a linux laptop.

Method 1: Samba (preferred)

  1. Connect your laptop to the internet via the spare ethernet cables in rooms 332 or 101. You may also use the DoIT wireless in Van Vleck. You cannot print via samba from outside Van Vleck.
  2. Open a terminal window and type a command like the following: smbclient //printserver1/5 -U myusername -c 'put' In the example above, replace '5' with the number of your favorite printer, replace 'myusername' with your own Math department user name, and replace '' with the name of your document.

Note: You will be prompted to enter your Math department password.