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== September 15, 2020, [https://www.math.tamu.edu/~bhanin/ Boris Hanin] (Princeton and Texas A&M) ==
== September 15, 2020, [https://www.math.tamu.edu/~bhanin/ Boris Hanin] (Princeton and Texas A&M) ==
== September 23, 2020, ==
== September 23, 2020, [https://people.ucd.ie/neil.oconnell Neil O'Connell] (Dublin)  ==

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Fall 2020

Thursdays in 901 Van Vleck Hall at 2:30 PM, unless otherwise noted. We usually end for questions at 3:20 PM.

IMPORTANT: In Fall 2020 the seminar is being run online.

If you would like to sign up for the email list to receive seminar announcements then please send an email to join-probsem@lists.wisc.edu

September 15, 2020, Boris Hanin (Princeton and Texas A&M)

September 23, 2020, Neil O'Connell (Dublin)

October 1, 2020, Marcus Michelen, UIC

Title: Roots of random polynomials near the unit circle

Abstract: It is a well-known (but perhaps surprising) fact that a polynomial with independent random coefficients has most of its roots very close to the unit circle. Using a probabilistic perspective, we understand the behavior of roots of random polynomials exceptionally close to the unit circle and prove several limit theorems; these results resolve several conjectures of Shepp and Vanderbei. We will also discuss how our techniques provide a heuristic, probabilistic explanation for why random polynomials tend to have most roots near the unit circle. Based on joint work with Julian Sahasrabudhe.

Past Seminars