Shimura Varieties Reading Group

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Shimura Varieties Reading Group, University of Wisconsin–Madison

  • When: Tuesdays, 4:00pm–5:00pm,
  • Where: Van Vleck B113

We will be reading through JS Milne's notes on Shimura varieties and understanding the necessary prerequisites. Participants will be asked to present on various topics.

Fall 2012 Semester

Date Speaker Topic
Oct 9 (Tues.) Sean Rostami
Oct 16 (Tues.) Lalit Jain tba
Oct 23 (Tues.) Lalit Jain tba
Oct 30 (Tues.) Daniel Ross tba
Nov 6 (Tues.) Peng Yu tba
Nov 13 (Tues.) Nathan Clement tba
Nov 20 (Tues.) tba
Nov 27 (Tues.) tba
Dec 4 (Tues.) tba
Dec 11 (Tues.) tba


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