Year      Place                   Topic of meeting
1965      Oberwolfach             Integral transforms
1967      S.I.U., Edwardsville    Orthogonal expansions
1969      Budapest                Constructive theory of functions
1970      Oberwolfach             Special Functions
1970      U. of Maryland          Approximation theory
1971      Northwestern University I. J. Schoenberg's Regional Conference
1972      Williams College        Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces
1974      U. of New Haven         Fractional calculus
1974      Oberwolfach             Linear operators and approximations
1976      U. of Nebraska          G. Weiss's Regional Conference
1978      Oberwolfach             Combinatorics
1979      Purdue                  Goffman meeting
1979      U. of East Carolina     J. Dieudonne's Regional Conference
1980      U. of Maryland          Numerical Analysis and Special
                                  Functions in Statistics
1982      U. of Waterloo          Enumerative Combinatorics
1983      Oberwolfach             Special Functions
1984      Turin                   Computations and special functions
1984      Bar Le Duc              Orthogonal polynomials
1985      Purdue University       Bieberbach proof celebration
1985      U. of Minnesota         History and philosophy of mathematics
1985      U. of Quebec-Montreal   Combinatorics
1986      Texas A. & M.       Approximation Theory
1986      U. of Alberta           Approximation Theory
1986      Stanford University     Computers and Mathematics
1986      Weizmann Institute      Gillis's 75th birthday
1987      U. of Illinois          Ramanujan
1987      Bowdoin College         Theta Functions
1987      Nagano                  Real Variables
1987      Canberra                Harmonic Analysis
1987      Annamali University     Ramanujan Centenary
1987      Anna University         Number Theory
1987      Madras                  Ramanujan Centenary Meeting
1987      Poona Univ.             Ramanujan Analysis Meeting
1988      TIFR (Bombay)           Number Theory
1988      IMA - Minneapolis       q series
1988      Georgia Tech            South East Approximation Theory 
1988      Colorado                Pade Approximation and Related Topics
1988      IMA-Minneapolis         Signal Processing
1989      Valparaiso              Computations and Function Theory
1989      St. John's University   Pi Mu Epsilon Meeting
1989      Winnipeg                Asymptotics & Computational Analysis
1989      CWI Amsterdam       	  Lie Algebras
1990      Tampa               	  Approximation Theory
1990      Erice               	  Orthogonal Polynomials
1991      Leningrad           	  Approximation Theory
1991      Granada                 Orthogonal Polynomials
1991      Victoria                Canadian Math. Soc. (Rooney meeting)
1992      New York                Magnus Meeting
1992      U. of Kentucky          Royster Meeting
1992      U. of Maine             IWAA
1993      CWI Amsterdam           Cohen - Koornwinder Day
1993      U. of Washington        Hypergroups
1994      Montreal                Integrability of Difference Equations
1994      U. Wisconsin-LaCrosse   Mathematical Modelling
1994      U. Wisconsin Center-    High School Problem Meeting   
          Richland Center