Professor of Mathematics

811 Van Vleck Hall
480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, Wisconsin

Phone: 608-262-3219

QQ Number: 2307461193

FAX: 608-263-8891


RC4 Program Announcement

Research Group


Current Course (Fall 2013): Math 443, Applied Linear Algebra

Selected Publication


Research Interests:
Mathematics: Differential Topology and Geometry
Computational Mathematics: Scientific Computation, Inverse Problems.
Cross-disciplinary: Computational Neuroscience, Vision, Image Science, Learning Theory

Department of Mathematics, College of Letters & Sciences

Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering

Department of Design Studies, College of Human Ecology

McPherson Eye Research Institute (ERI) School of Medicine and Public Health

Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (CBMS)

Genome Center of Wisconsin (GCW), Biotechnology Center

Computation & Informatics in Biology and Medicine (CIBM) College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Amir H. Assadi