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Fall 2015

Math 823: Advanced Topics in Complex Analysis

Spring 2015

Math 845: Class Field Theory
Math 863: Agebraic Geometry 2 (Topics in Algebraic Geonetry)
Math 867: Analytic Number Theory

Fall 2014

Math 748: Algebraic Number Theory
Math 827: Additive Combinatorics (Fourier Analysis)
Math 863: Toric Varieties (Topics in Algebraic Geometry)

Spring 2014

Math 746: Topics in Ring Theory
Math 750: Homological Algebra
Math 752: Introductory Topology II
Math 847: Topics in Algebra: Modular forms and their Arithmetic

Fall 2013

Math 721: Real Analysis I
Math 763: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Math 844: Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms