Math 234

Calculus III - Functions of Several Variables


This is the course website for sections 311 and 329 of Math 234.

Time and Place

Office Hours

My office is located in room 816 of Van Vleck. Either take the stairs or the elevator up to the 8th floor.


The 234 Course Notes are available for purchase from the math department. If you are using a pdf copy, make sure that it is the current version. Older versions may have different problems and numbering. A good supplementary text would be an older edition of Thomas' Calculus.


The homework assignments can be found on the professor's web page. Homework will be collected each Tuesday. Doing the homework is an essential part of learning the material (and getting a good grade)!


Quizzes will be held almost every Thursday and will consist of problems that are similar to the previous week's homework.


Bonus Stuff