Math 234 Fall 2007
Sections 325, 326, 331 & 332

General Course Information

The lecture meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:00-11:50 AM in Van Vleck B 102.
Discussion section 325 meets Tuesdays from 9:55-10:45 AM in Birge 348.
Discussion section 326 meets Thursdays from 9:55-10:45 AM in Birge 346.
Discussion section 331 meets Tuesdays from 1:20-2:10 PM in Birge 348.
Discussion section 332 meets Thursdays from 1:20-2:10 PM in Ingraham 120.

My Contact Information

Office: Van Vleck 716
Phone: 263-2492
Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30, Wednesday 2:30-3:30, Thursday 11:00-12:00, or by appointment.

To set up an appointment to meet me outside of my scheduled office hours, you can see me before/after class, call me, or send me an email.

Quiz Solutions

Quiz solutions for each section can be found at the following pages.  All solutions are PDF files.

Section 325 (Tuesday 9:55 AM)
Section 326 (Thursday 9:55AM)
Section 331 (Tuesday 1:20 PM)
Section 332 (Thursday 1:20 PM)

Suggested Homework Problems

A list of suggested homework problems is posted on Professor Borisov's website.  I will post additional suggested problems in this section.  Unless otherwise noted, documents in this section are PDF files.

Limits of Functions of Several Variables
Gradients and Directional Derivatives
Review Problems for Exam 1
Multiple Integrals
Review Problems for Exam 2
Review Problems for Final Exam

Miscellaneous Files

Files that don't fit into any of the other sections go here.  Unless otherwise noted, documents in this section are PDF files.

Finding Potential Functions


Math 234/Fall 2007 - This is the syllabus for the course.
Getting help in your math class - This page describes several resources available for getting math help here at UW-Madison.
Calc 234 Class Blog - A blog set up by Diego Galindo for the class.  You can use the comments section to discuss homework problems or other matters relating to the class.