Gerardo Hernández-Dueñas

New position:

Assitant Professor
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Insitute of Mathematics, Campus Juriquilla

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor

Contact info:

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Department of Mathematics

Office: 809 Van Vleck

Phone: 608-262-3220

Email: hernandez at math dot wisc dot edu


Research area:

Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences

Numerical Analysis

Semiclassical Analysis

CV (Last updated: 09/08/13)

Future Conferences:



Figure: Vertical vorticity of dipole simulation by the P2G model

Atmospheric Sciences:

Figure: Contours of rain water. Scattered convection (top) versus squall lines (bottom).

Hyperbolic Conservation Laws:

Figure: Dam break simulation at different times. Blue: Water height. Brown: Bottom topography. Gray: Walls.

Figure: Exact and numerical steady state (discontinuous transcritical) solutions to shallow water.

Figure: Gas flow over a porous particle bed.

Figure: Solutions to the Baer-Nunziato system by a conservative formulation (left) and a hybrid formulation (right).

Semiclassical Analysis:

Figure: Propagation of a coherent state in a Zoll-type domain.


Figure: Computed and exact solutions in a shock-tube problem using a conservative (left) and a hybrid (right) formulation.

Extended abstracts:

Figure: Schematic for the shallow water equations through rectangular channels with variable area.