Math 340, Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra, 2015-16


Session Policies

General Information


Laura Villafuerte Altuzar
Office: 101- 10 Van Vleck    Office Hour: W 12:30-2:30 pm and by appointment     Tel: (608) 263-1350    Email: villafuertea at    
Couse webpage: Math 340    Professor's Personal Webpage: Laura Villafuerte Altuzar
Office Hour Time might vary from week to week. Please check the latest update on course website.

My Personal Information

Hang Huang (Amy)
Office: VV 316    Office Hour: H 8:40-10:40 am    Email: hhuang235 at

Time and Venue

Lecture: M/W/F 7:45am-8:35am, Van Vleck B239
Discussion Session: T 7:45-8:35 am, VV B313 ( Section 321 ) T 8:50-9:40 am, VV B329 ( Section 323 ) H 7:45-8:35 am, VV B313 ( Section 322 )

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

  • You can find course syllables on the course website or here

  • Homeworks

  • Please find homework assigned each week on the course website. Remember the first homework is due on the Monday of the second week.
  • Homework
  • I will randomly choose one problem to grade each week. 50% of your scores will be based on completion and 50% based on correction. It will be out of 6 points. No late submission allowed.
  • Here is answer key to some problems in hw3 and hw4:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 2 in studysheet I under homework page:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 2 in hw 5:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 2 in hw 6:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 4 in hw 7:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 2 in hw 8:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 2 in hw 9:Key
  • Here is answer key to work sheet 2:Key
  • Here is answer key to problem 4 in hw 10:Key
  • Here is answer key to hw 11:Key
  • Here is answer key to study sheet 3:Key

  • Discussion Session

  • Week 1 WorkSheet Key: This is the worksheet I did not have time to print out but I have covered some problems in the discussion session.
  • Week 2 WorkSheet Key: Multiplication, transpose, identity and inverse
  • Week 3 WorkSheet Key: Linear system, echelon form, row operation, elementary matrix (Do not look at the answer key unless you have tried all the problems)
  • Week 4 WorkSheet Key: Gaussian elimination, Inverse of matrix, solving linear system
  • Week 5 WorkSheet Key: Inverse of matrix, vector spaces, subspaces
  • Week 7 WorkSheet Key: Span, linear independence, basis, dimension
  • Week 8 WorkSheet Key: Coordinate, row space, column space, rank, nullity
  • Week 9 WorkSheet Key: Linear transformation, one-to-one, onto, kernel, range
  • Week 10 WorkSheet : Matrix similarity, determinant
  • Week 12 WorkSheet : Cramer's rule, adjoint matrix, eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Week 14 WorkSheet Key : Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, characteristic polynomials, inner product, orthonormal basis
  • Week 15 WorkSheet Key : Othorgonal projection, diagonalization of symmetric matrix

  • Assessment Scheme

    Homework (Collected at the beginning of lecture each Monday) 20%
    Midterm Exam 1 (Feb 22, in class) 25%
    Midterm Exam 2 (April 11, in class) 25%
    Final (May 12, 7:25 - 9:25pm) 30%

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