Math 131, Lecture 001, Spring 2015

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Instructor’s Information

Instructor: Meng-Che “Turbo” Ho

Office: Van Vleck 422

Homework Lab Hours: T, W 2:20 – 3:20 pm or by appointment

E-mail: mho3 (at)


Course Information

Lecture Room: Van Vleck B113

Prerequisites: Math 130 (or exemption from Math 130); may be taken concurrently with Math 130 by permission of the course coordinator.

You can download the syllabus here.



Midterm Exams: 2/23(M) and 3/25(W) (In-class, tentative)

Final Exam: 5/16(S) 10:05 am – 12:05 pm, location TBA


Some advises about how to do well in this class

l   Study hard!

l   Take notes during the classes, and review them after classes.

l   Ask questions immediately if something is unclear for you during the class.

l   Read the textbook and do the homework as well as other problems in the textbook which is not assigned as homework.

l   Practice past exams as you go on.

l   Come to office hours if you have any questions.