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Travel and Visitors

Spring 2016

dates where? what? who?
8–12 February visitor Gautam Iyer (CMU)
21–23 March Arlington, VA NSF
22–26 May Provo, UT Charlie 60
27 May–4 June Bangalore, India Complex and dynamical systems summer program at ICTS-TIFR
5–10 June Lake Arrowhead, CA IPAM Mathematics of Turbulence Reunion
19 June–2 July Woods Hole, MA Summer Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
2–5 July Orlando, FL AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems
6–9 July visitor Gary Froyland (UNSW)
27–28 July Montclair, NJ Mathematics of Planet Earth meeting
30 July–6 August 18 July–6 August Québec, Canada