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Travel and Visitors

Spring–Summer 2014

dates where? what? who?
January 5–12 Beijing and Shanghai, China Visit Louis Tao; Workshop in Shanghai
January 26–February 1 Oberwolfach, Germany Workshop on Mixing, transport, and coherent structures at MFO
February 10–13 Minneapolis, MN Workshop on Algebraic Topology in Dynamics, Differential Equations, and Experimental Data at IMA
March 18–21 Austin, TX Physics Colloquium at UT–Austin
March 25–28 visitor Tadashi Tokieda (Cambridge)
April 11–13 Lubbock, TX Spring Central Sectional Meeting at Texas Tech University
May 7–9 Minneapolis, MN Workshop on Complex Fluids and Flows: Three Years Later at IMA
May 20 Minneapolis, MN Participating Institutions Meeting at IMA
May 21–23 Minneapolis, MN Hot Topics Workshop on Mathematics at the Interface of Partial Differential Equations, the Calculus of Variations, and Materials Science at IMA
July 7–11 Chicago, IL SIAM Annual Meeting
July 13–19 Woods Hole, MA Summer Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
July 19–22 Boston, MA Visit Tom Peacock and Margaux Filippi
August 18–23 Batiscan, Québec
August 25–31 Sydney, Australia Visit Georg Gottwald and Gary Froyland
September 1–8 Christchurch, New Zealand Workshop on Set-oriented Numerics

Fall 2014

dates where? what? who?
September 15–17 Urbana, IL Mathematics in Science and Society Colloquium at UIUC
October 1–4 visitor Erik Bollt (Clarkson)
October 12–November 1 Los Angeles, CA Mathematics of Turbulence at IPAM
October 29 Los Angeles, CA Claremont Colleges Mathematics Colloquium
November 10–20 Los Angeles, CA Mathematics of Turbulence at IPAM
November 20–22 Stanford, CA Visit Persi Diaconis; Math seminar
November 23–25 San Francisco, CA APS–Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting