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Travel and Visitors

Fall 2018

dates where? what? who?
26 October visitor Matthew Dixon (IIT)
25–29 September visitor Gautam Iyer (CMU)
7–8 Octobber visitor Anna Mazzucato (PSU)
18–20 November Atlanta, GA APS Division of Fluid Dynamic Meeting

Summer 2018

dates where? what? who?
22–24 August Houston, TX Colloquium at Rice University
22–27 July Banff, Canada Complex Fluids in Biological Systems
11–14 July Portland, OR SIAM Annual Meeting
19–26 June Québec, Canada

Winter–Spring 2018

dates where? what? who?
14–16 April Boston, MA Boston Marathon!
9–17 January Grenada, Spain
3–7 January Denver, CO Dynamics Days 2018