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Travel and Visitors

Winter–Spring 2018

dates where? what? who?
9–17 January Grenada, Spain
3–7 January Denver, CO Dynamics Days 2018

Fall 2017

dates where? what? who?
23–30 December Québec, Canada
16–23 September Cambridge, UK Workshop on Form and Deformation in Solid and Fluid mechanics at the Newton Institute

Spring–Summer 2017

dates where? what? who?
15–20 January Banff, Alberta Workshop on Transport in Unsteady Flows at BIRS
2 April–May visitor Hannah Kreczak (Leeds)
16–21 May Oslo, Norway
21–26 May Edinburgh, UK Braids in Algebra, Geometry, and Physics at ICMS
4–9 June Lake Arrowhead, CA IPAM Mathematics of Turbulence Reunion
17–18 June London, UK
18–22 June East Anglia, UK IMA Conference on Nonlinearity and Coherent Structures
22–25 June Cambridge, UK
25–30 June Basel, Switzerland Workshop: "Irregular transport: analysis and applications"
1–6 July Lüneburg, Germany Tour d'Allemagne (visit Kathrin Padberg–Gehle)
6–12 July Ilmenau, Germany Tour d'Allemagne (visit Jörg Schumacher)
16–23 July Québec, Canada
27–31 July Woods Hole, MA Summer Program in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics