Joseph S. Miller
Office: 521 Van Vleck
Email: ude.csiw.htam@rellimj
Fax: (608) 263-8891
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Department of Mathematics
480 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
Research Links
Workshop on Computability Theory Series
Bringing computability theorists together.
Computability Theory Homepage
Algorithmic Randomness FRG Homepage
Home page for an NSF Focused Research Group that included me.
2nd FRG Workshop on Algorithmic Randomness
Hosted in Madison, May 27–31, 2009.
Computability & Complexity in Analysis Network
LaTeX Links
LaTeX for Logicians
LaTeX on a Mac
There are many options for writing LaTeX under OS X, but nothing that feels as right to me as WinEdt felt under Windows.

I use TextMate (usually €39, but only €33.15 with the educational discount), which is a general text editor with a great macro bundle for LaTeX.

Anybody who wants to convert me to their Mac TeX solution is encouraged to do so.

Various Colleagues
Giving a lecture
On top of Niesen, in Switzerland. For the record, I ascended by funicular, not foot.
Giving a lecture
In front of the Fajing (formally Daming) temple pagoda in Yangzhou, China.

May 16, 2016