Math 234 - Kent

Math 234 - Multivariable Calculus

Math 234 is the last course in the standard Calculus series at UW, consisting of Math 221-222-234. The series is designed for students with majors in the Physical Sciences or Engineering. Honors student interested in a theoretical approach should consider our sequence 275-276-375-376 instead of 221-222-234. Full credit is not allowed for both 234 and 223.

Some majors in the school of business require Math 211-213 instead of Math 221-222-234. Math 213 has some content overlap with Math 234 and full credit cannot be received for both Math 234 and Math 213. Besides the regular lectures, students are required to attend the smaller discussion sections (once a week) where TAs will help with the practical aspects of the subject and will answer any question about the lecture and the assignment. Discussion sections will be hands-on classes.

All students should be engaged in the course, this includes going to the lectures and discussion sessions, doing assignments and readings and thinking about what is done in class.