Southern Wisconsin Logic Colloquium

SWLC Schedule

Refreshments will be served in the 9th floor lounge a half hour before talks. Please check the schedule below. All talks will be in 901 Van Vleck Hall unless stated otherwise.

Date Time Speaker Title Cookies,
dinner, etc.
Tuesday, September 9 4:00 p.m. Uri Andrews, UW TBA cookies/ beverages at 3:30
Tuesday, September 16 4:00 p.m. Robin Tucker-Drob, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey TBA cookies/ beverages at 3:30/
dinner at 6 TBA
Sunday, October 5 (tentative) TBA TBA TBA dinner at 6 TBA?

Math 873 - Fall 2014 - Recursive Model Theory

Instructor: Uri Andrews

Course Description: This course will serve as a survey of historical and current research in computable model theory. There will be a focus on recursive model theory and the model theory of models of Peano Arithmetic.

Math 975 - Reading Seminar in Logic

Our reading seminar is meeting on Wednesdays at 3:30 in room B131 Van Vleck Hall.

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