Math 132, Fall 2017

Course Information

Instructor: Liban Mohamed
Email: lmohamed at wisc dot edu
Office: 722 Van Vleck
Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2p, Thursday 12-1p, or by appointment

Lecture schedule: MW 4:45-6:00 in VV B123


Course pack

Last semester's first exam: probability and statistics
Last semester's second exam: algebra
Last semester's third exam: comprehensive
132 exams from previous years


Week Monday lecture Wednesday lecture Homework Due date Remarks on HW
Sep 6 3.1 Arithmetic to Algebra Homework 1 Wednesday 9/15
Sep 11-13 LMT Assessments and 3.1 Arithmetic to Algebra 3.2 Basic Equations Homework 2 Wednesday 9/20 Remarks
Sep 18-20 Graphing Functions and 3.2 Basic Equations 3.2 Basic Equations and algebra practice Homework 3 Wednesday 9/27 Remarks
Sep 23-25 3.3 Ratio and Proportions Review 3.3 Ratio and Proportions Review Homework 4 Wednesday 10/4 Remarks
Oct 2-4 Some Ratio and Rate Problems Some Ratio and Rate Solutions Homework 5 Monday 10/16
Oct 9-11 Exam 1 Prep Exam 1
Oct 16-18 1.1 Flipping Coins: An Introduction to Probability