Math 112

General Information

The main website for Math 112 can be found through here. Click on "Math 112 Fall 10" and log in with your UW-NetID. This page has all the information you will need on a day-to-day basis, including the syllabus, daily schedule, and links to the homework assignments (which you will complete online). You should bookmark this page.

This website (the one you are reading now) has extra information that is specific to the two sections that I am teaching, Sections 14 and 15. You should read both websites very carefully. If you have any questions about policy, or have a conflict with one of the exam dates, please come and talk to me during the first two weeks of the semester (before Sept. 10 for exam conflicts).

Section Information

Section 14 meets MWF 12:05 – 12:55 in room B129 Van Vleck
Section 15 meets MWF 1:20 – 2:10 in room B129 Van Vleck

Office Hours: TR 1:20-2:10 in my office (418 VanVleck),
MFW 12:55-1:20 in the classroom (B129 Van Vleck)
and by appointment.


There are two texbooks for this course. The first is College Algebra Worktext by Schroeder which you should buy at the bookstore and bring to class every day. This text is like a workbook with many examples and room to work them out in the book. I recommend taking notes in the book instead of in a separate notebook.

The second book is College Algebra by Stitz and Zeager. This book is available entirely online. (There is a link on the Moodle page.) You do not need to print out this book. Rather, you should use it as a reference as you are working on homework and studying.


There will be a lot of homework in this class. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to do all of the homework and to put effort into it. You cannot pass this class by just memorizing a bunch of formulas and equations. You need to first understand the ideas and then get a feel for the processes that are used to solve problems. This "feel" is only acquired to doing lots and lots of problems, i.e. the homework. If you successfully complete and understand all of the homework, you will do very well in this course.

Homework will be assigned, completed, and graded via WeBWorK. You can find links directly to the individual assignments on the main Math 112 website (Moodle). This is a online service where you will login to see your homework, submit your answers, and see immediately if they are correct or incorrect. You will have 5 chances to submit answers for most problems, so if your answer is incorrect, you can try again with no penalty. Additionally, after the assignment is due, you will have access to all of the correct answers. For more information, see the WeBWorK section below.

Some homework assignments require you to write your answer on paper and give it to me (usually the graphing problems). Please print the "handin" sheets and use these - it makes the grading a lot easier! The handin sheets are on Moodle, below the links to the homework assignments.


We will have short weekly quizzes in class on Mondays. They will cover the material that was presented in class the week before. The goal of the quizzes is not to punish you if you do not understand the material yet. Instead, they have two purposes. First, they indicate to both you and me, how well you understand the material. It is one thing to solve homework problems while you have your text and notes available, and quite a different thing to be able to solve a test problem with no resources. The quizzes serve as an "in between" so that you can see where you are weak before the test comes along.

The second purpose is learn how to write down the solution to a problem in a neat, orderly, readable, and logical way. You will be expected to do this on the exams! However, since you only need to submit your answers for the homework, we cannot check if you are doing it there.


A portion of your grade will be from participation. To get the points, you simply need to present two problems on the board during the course of the semester.


There will be three midterm exams during the semester, in addition to the final exam. The midterms are evening exams. Please mark the following dates on your calendar so that you do not schedule something else that conflicts.

Exam 1: Tuesday, October 5, 5:30-7:00 PM
Exam 2: Tuesday, November 2, 5:30-7:00 PM
Exam 3: Tuesday, November 30, 5:30-7:00 PM
Final Exam: Sunday, December 19, 7:25-9:25 PM

It is guaranteed that 80% of exam problems are slight modifications of homework problems. But remember that you will need to give your solutions in a neat, orderly, readable, and logical way to get full credit!


Your numerical grade will be calculated as follows:

Midterm Exams: 150 points each
Final Exam: 300 points
Homework: 130 points
Quizzes: 100 points
Participation: 20 points

This is a total of 1000 possible points. Your letter grade will be assigned based on the following scale:

A: 900-1000
B: 750-900
C: 600-750
D: 500-600
F: 0-600

There will be no make-up quizzes or homework in this class. Instead, I will keep only your 10 highest scores and 30 highest homework scores. This means that roughly 2 quizzes and 7 homeworks will be dropped.


Some things to note about using WeBWorK:

  1. You do not have to do the whole assignment at the same time. You can do the problems individually whenever you want.
  2. Be sure to take advantage of the "Preview Answer" button. This will convert your answer into "readable math" so that you can check that what you typed in is what you really meant to type in.
  3. Some of the numbers and variables in the homework problems are randomized. This means that you will not have exactly the same questions as your friend.
  4. If you prefer to work away from the computer, you can print a copy of your homework problems. Just click on the "Download hardcopy of of this homework set" link at the top of the problem list.
  5. The answer fields are case-sensitive, so make sure your variables and function names are in the correct case.
  6. Make sure you read the instructions for each problem. They may contain information about the correct formatting that you need to use.
  7. There is an "Email Instructor" button below every question. After you click on this, you can type a message and send an email to me. (It will also go to Mike Schroeder - the course coordinator.) Be sure to describe clearly the issues you are having so that I can help you. Describe in detail what you have attempted and where you think the error might be. If I receive a message that just says "HELP!!!" or "I don't know how to do this problem." then I will not be able to help you.
  8. The homework assignments are all due at midnight, but plan ahead! I will not be able to answer your question if you send me an email at 11:30 the night the homework is due. In fact, I am generally busy on MWF evenings, so if you send me an email after 4 pm, I might not see it until the next day.

"I think I have the right answer, but WeBWorK says that it is wrong!!"

  1. Did you use the preview button? You should do this before you submit an answer to make sure that you typed what you really meant to type. Having parenthesis in a different place will very often change the answer!
  2. Re-read the question. For some questions, the answer needs to be in a specific format or form. Or, you may have just mis-read the question.
  3. Still not right? These same homework questions have been used for many semesters, so there is a 99% chance that WeBWorK is right and you are wrong. Go back to your notes to make sure you are approaching the problem correctly.
  4. If you still can't get it right, either use the "email instructor" button or talk to me during office hours or class.