Math 222, Discussions 325 and 327—Spring 2018

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Office hours

Professor: Noah Schweber.
Office hours: Listed here.

Course Page

  • The course page is on Professor Schweber's website, available here. It will contain the course policies, schedule, and homework assignments.
  • Weekly assignments

  • Written homework assignments are due weekly in Monday discussion sections. Homeworks are graded on completeness, detail, and presentation. Assignments will be posted on the course page on Professor Schweber's website, please check his page regularly for updated assignments.
  • Quizzes will be administered weekly during Monday discussion sections.
  • Textbook

  • This course uses the Math 222 course packet, which is freely available as a pdf on the math department website. The website also contains information for how to purchase a printed copy.
  • Help and resources

  • There are three free tutoring programs on campus, you can read about them here.
  • The Math Tutorial program has a page on getting help in your math class that details many resources available on campus.
  • There is a database of past Math 222 exams here that can be used for practice.
  • Traditional textbooks like Stewart's Calculus are available in the library. These texts include many detailed worked exercises and are an excellent resource to consider.
  • Many good online resources are available to supplement your learning: Paul's Online Calculus Notes is a favorite, as are the lecture videos on Khan Academy, and those from mathbff or PatrickJMT on YouTube.
  • Keep in mind that every individual has their own way they learn best. Explore different supplementary resources to see what work the best for you! Keep in mind that I am always available to give advice and help you discover resources that work for you.