Chicken with mushrooms in white sauce, good with noodles

one large or two small frozen chicken breasts (for 2 Walter meals)
1 bag Knorr Hollandaise sauce
2 small cans of mushrooms
2 heaped table spoons sour cream
3 table spoons oil
pepper, (bay leaf)

partially defrost the chicken breasts (1 min in microwave)
cut into small finger wide wedges
heat oil in small pot,
add chicken pieces,  pepper, fry
turn over when one side done
turn off

open mushroom cans
pour mushroom water into small white cup
add water to fill the cup
pour into fried chicken pot
add Hollandaise powder
stir, dissolve, you can add the bay leaf here
turn on heat to medium until boil, while stirring occasionally
add mushrooms,
boil again
turn off.